Due to the school closure because of current health and safety concerns, the Spring Adult Community Ed. Class Session has been canceled. The Fall 2020 Brochure will be available on September 8.

Directions for Adult Ed classrooms

Bozeman High School
C-wing rooms - Park on 11th Avenue in the small lot across from Wendy s; go in the gray doors (facing 11th Avenue) marked E1 located on southeast portion of the building; turn left at the first hallway until you come to the appropriate room. This wing is part of the old high school.

N-114, 115, 117, 119 & 121 - On North 11th, park in the area between the tennis courts and the new part of the high school; use the glass doors marked N1 on the northeast section facing the parking lot. Rooms are in 1st or 2nd hall on right.

Willson School
217A, 217B, 226, 228, and the Commons - Please use the Main St. front door entrance; use the stairs on your right for room access or use the elevator to the left, then left down the hall once you are on the 2nd floor.
122 - Please use the Main St. entrance; turn left and go 3/4 way to the end of the hall. Room will be on your right.

Whittier Elementary School
Whittier Elementary School is on the corner of 5th Ave. and Peach (with
front door facing 5th Ave.) Enter front door, gym will be to the left and
across the lobby.